WATCH: Basics of Electronic and Remote Notarizations for Title & Settlement

Remote notarization, online notarization, and electronic notarization. Are they the same, different, or somewhere in between?

Our on-demand webinar covers the basics of each notarization type and sheds light on how recent legislative and regulatory updates permit secure, remote electronic processes in lieu of in-person identity verifications.

You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of digital notarization processes and how they can best benefit your title and settlement business.

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This webinar explores:

- The differences between remote notarization, online notarization, and electronic notarization

- How to replace in-person identity verifications with secure remote electronic processes

- Technology that helps implement remote notarization, online notarization, and electronic notarization

- Questions to ask when selecting technology or a partner that fits your business needs

Webinar Highlights

Our goal was to be a leader in our marketplace, not to be a follower.

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We just did [a closing] with a guy sitting on the beach, so the flexibility to expand outside of [our] normal footprint market was another big thing for us.

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We didn’t go into this blindly. We really took our time and wanted to find a collaborative business partner.

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