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Transform paper-based closing processes into efficient digital transactions. Learn how Stavvy’s approach can enhance profitability, reduce errors, and improve security for your business and customers.

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What Stavvy offers

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Secure eClosing

eSign, remote online notarization (RON), and in-person electronic notarization (IPEN) combine to deliver secure eClosing at scale.

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Manage Documents

Control access and permissions; share documents securely before, during, and after closing.

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Security and Compliance

Compliance guardrails with detailed audit trails.

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Bring Your Staff

Conduct eClosing with your own notaries and attorneys, maintaining brand and borrower experience.

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We manage the entire process, report key metrics, and ensure continued success.

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Implementation and Onboarding Support

Check-ins, coaching, and team training before go-live.

Resources for you and your customers


eClosing with remote online notarization (RON)

A simple guide to help signers understand eClosing with RON, including an overview of the digital closing process, what they'll need to attend, and what to expect.



Remote online notarization (RON) for closing operations

Stavvy’s RON feature helps you grow your business and customer base. See what it can do for your closing operation and how RON-approved notaries can get started on the platform.



Identity verification and remote online notarization (RON)

Use this resource to help signers learn about the identity verification measures available on the Stavvy platform, including knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and credential analysis.



Stavvy's eClosing solution

A helpful resource to help you learn more about Stavvy’s eClosing solution, including key features and customer support services.



In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)

A resource to learn about Stavvy’s IPEN feature and how it provides title companies with a fully digital workflow while preserving the personal touch of a traditional closing.


Frequently asked questions

What is remote online notarization (RON)?

RON is a type of notarization where the signer(s) appear before the notary using an online audio-visual platform to sign and notarize documents electronically.

How do users know if RON is allowed in the area where there is a closing?

Determining if a state is RON-eligible is no small feat. Individual states create unique laws requiring users to navigate a patchwork of regulations and guidelines. Stavvy created the Eligibility Engine to help determine whether a loan or entire loan portfolio is eligible for RON, in-person electronic notarization (IPEN), or eRecording. It is exclusively available through the Stavvy digital mortgage platform and automatically aggregates laws and emergency measures at the town, county, and state levels. It immediately informs which transaction types are available for each loan.

In which states is RON legal?

Here’s a list of states where RON is legal.

How difficult is it for title companies to adopt RON?

Adding RON to existing workflows is straightforward and easy with WiFi-enabled computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Most RON and digital mortgage platforms are cloud-based, making documents and information accessible anywhere, at any time. There is a training component inherent to learning any new technology, but onboarding with the right RON partner should come with onboarding support, training, and troubleshooting.

Is RON secure?

“Going RON” doesn’t mean sacrificing security. In fact, the safety measures enacted with RON may be more secure than a traditional in-person notarization closing. First, RON helps eliminate the risk of fraud through better identity authentication. Audio-visual technology records and saves every notarization session, and all signers, notaries, and closing participants must have their identities verified through KBA or credential analysis before the signing takes place. Second, when conducting a RON closing, the platform you’ve chosen to work with will ensure that fully executed closing documents are tamper-sealed and therefore, can’t be altered after everyone leaves the closing table. Stavvy, for example, takes safeguarding one step further and produces an accompanying digital audit trail that could serve you well in the unfortunate event of litigation post-closing. Lastly, all documents are sent or stored electronically for an extra layer of defense.

What is Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)?

KBA stands for Knowledge-Based Authentication, which is a layered safeguard to ensure the identity of a signer. KBA is designed to reduce fraud and provide a secure experience for all parties. In a KBA session within the Stavvy platform, Signers will first enter their current address, as well as date of birth. Signers are then asked five questions in a two-minute period. To pass, four out of five questions must be answered correctly. Signers will be given two attempts to pass. if they do not pass in either attempt, they are required to wait 24 hours before they are able to try again. This is a MISMO® regulation.

What technology is used for remote online notarization?

Remote online notarization is the electronic notarization of official mortgage documents and, at a minimum, requires audio-visual technology. In addition to audio-visual technology, multi-factor authorization, electronic witnessing, ID verification, eSignature, digital notary seals, and eRecording make for an even more seamless and secure digital closing experience.

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