Digital closing success starts with a great eClosing solution

Simplify your closing process with a simple and secure digital platform that supports hybrid closing, full eClosing, and everything in between. Grow your business and delight customers with Stavvy eClosing.


Illustration of a laptop open to a RON meeting on the Stavvy platform

Transform clunky closings into smooth digital experiences—no tech skills required

Stavvy's eClosing solution provides the tools and training to transform your closing process into an efficient digital experience for your customers, balance sheet, and closing teams. Higher profitability, happier customers, fewer errors, and enhanced security are possible with Stavvy.

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Reduce expenses, grow revenue

Stavvy eClosing can help reduce costly expenses like printing, postage, storage, record maintenance, and rework due to missing documents, signatures, and more.

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Maximize business results

eClosing with Stavvy can help eliminate administrative tasks for title agents, leading to faster processing and delivery times. Provide signers and closing teams with the convenience and flexibility of a digital closing experience.

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Impress customers

Offer customers the option to close digitally. The Stavvy platform allows signers and notaries to meet, review, and eSign closing documents from anywhere. No more travel, daycare coordination, or mobile notaries.

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Enhance security and protection

eClosing with Stavvy can help mitigate real estate fraud due to enhanced safety and identity verification measures, offering customers and real estate partners peace of mind.

Illustration of the laptop open to a RON meeting on the Stavvy platform

Unlock business-changing benefits with RON


  • Enhance profitability
  • Close deals from anywhere
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Offer an exceptional customer experience

Strike a balance between personal touch and efficiency with IPEN


  • Streamline closings and transaction times
  • Increase deal capacity
  • Reduce signing errors and oversights
  • Offer a high-touch closing experience
A table showing an IPEN signing screen on the Stavvy platform